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About Us



As the teachers, staff and parents of Wheatley School of Early Childhood programs, (our mission) is to provide all children with developmentally appropriate experiences addressing educational, physical, nutritional and social/emotional needs within the least restrictive and safest environment so that they may become productive members of society 



Wheatley will Be A Globally Recognized School of Excellence symbolizing excellence in Educating and Preparing Children and Families as Lifelong Learners, Advocates, and Leaders.


Andy Andrews wrote a book titled, "The Butterfly Effect - How Your Life Matters." As a campus we know, "What We Do Matters". The services offered here are geared to support sustained success for our families. We won't have it any other way. 

"Building a Solid Foundation" is our motto. We are committed to providing a solid foundation in the areas of academic, medical, and social services. We are committed to partnering with agencies and businesses in our community to empower and support students and families with the support and skills necessary to lead productive and fulfilled lives.

This website is designed to provide you with information and resources necessary to help you make an informed decision about making Wheatley School of Early Childhood Programs the place for your child and family to BUILD A SOLID Academic, Social, and Health conscious FOUNDATION. 



At Wheatley School of Early Childhood Programs we embrace every opportunity to impact the lives of children and families in our community.

We believe we have a responsibility to our children and families to give them the "Best Shot at Winning" in life.

At Wheatley we serve:

  • Head Start Pre-Kindergarten
  • Head Start Three Year Old's
  • Early Childhood Special Education Services (formerly Pre-School Children with Disabilities - PPCD)


Wheatley Campus

Main Number

(409) 984-8750


Nurse's Office Direct

(409) 984-8762