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Nutritional News

This month our Harvest of the Month is Broccoli!

We all know broccoli has many health benefits but it isn’t always easy to get our kids to eat the green little trees. That was how I have my children eat it. They pretended they were giants eating trees. Whatever works…go for it! The health benefits are well worth playing games with your children to eat it. Broccoli is a great source of vitamin K, vitamin C and folate. It is also a very good source of dietary fiber, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin A and potassium.  Vitamin K is necessary for the synthesis of proteins involved in blood clotting and for regulating blood calcium levels.

Work together!

What is more perfect than gardening? This month for physical activity, our focus is gardening. Many gardening activities are types of aerobic or strength training activities. Aerobic activities help the heart and lungs. Strength training activities improve muscle and bone strength. Gardening is also a great way to grow your own fruits and vegetables!  Children love gardening and it is an excellent way to teach them where food comes from and gives them a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.   Look to the right for a theme garden. Too warm in our area? How about a salsa garden… Even small children can be involved in growing salsa gardens.


Garden Day!   Sharing a wonderful video by AO Kids. We will learn how plants get nutrients from the sun, soil, and rain to grow healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables!  

Grow, Grow, Grow a Garden! | Kids Learning Song

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With summer right around the corner, we might want to be mindful of what we eat—but that can be difficult when Easter Sunday arrives. Here are some collection of fresh flavors for a spring day from USDA. It also makes use of the eggs gathered in a morning hunt! Leftover eggs are a great opportunity to teach Cooking skills and how to reduce food waste during SNAP-Ed cooking classes.



Happy Nutrition Month!

Parents, it’s National Nutrition Month! This most important month was designated by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a way to promote and increase awareness of making informed food choices and developing a healthy, active lifestyle. For this month we will focus on adding more vegetables to your day, visiting parks and for Harvest of the Month—mushrooms.

A Joyful and Healthy 2021!

Let us all have a fresh start! Let us strengthen our body by being more active, by eating healthier and by being kinder to our self and one another.

On January, our Physical Activity focus is “Energize your Body with Physical Activity”, for MyPlate is “Make Half your Grains Whole”; and for Harvest of the Month (HOTM) is Red Grapefruit. Watch for our FB posting on these topics.

Make Healthier Holiday Choices

This month our MyPlate focus is Make Healthier Holiday Choices!  As the Moms and Dads plan and prepare for the Thanksgiving feast, let us encourage our little one to eat a little bit healthier.  The holiday are often filled with time honored traditions that includes our favorite meals and foods. As you celebrate think of little changes you can make to create healthier meals and more active days. See the flyers from ChooseMyPlate.Gov. Here are some healthier holiday side dish ideas. Find and click the black button to access the link to the recipes!  

Harvest of the Month for November is Carrots.

Carrots are well known for containing high amounts of beta carotene, an antioxidant which is a form of vitamin A. Beta carotene is important for eyesight, skin, and normal growth. It may also help reduce chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Beta carotene was first discovered in carrots, therefore its name came from carrots. Carrots are also a source of vitamin C and potassium, and like most vegetables, a source of fiber.

This month our physical activity focus is DANCING! It is great for everyone… even for those with two left feet J Dancing is a fun and easy way to get physical activity! It’s great for improving circulation, toning muscles in the lower and upper body, and giving you more energy. Physical activity, such as dancing, can also lower stress and help you relax.  For our tiny titans, it is even more special. They can feel music in ways it seems some of us adults have forgotten. They use their bodies to express emotion and explore the ways their bodies can move.

Give Your Toddler Access to Music and See What Happens.

Even very young toddlers are aware of different rhythms and the feelings they elicit. You can see this in action if you put on some slow, classical music and ask your toddler to dance (they might slowly sway or spin) versus rocking out to something with a fast beat. A good place to start, then, is to make sure your child has access to many different types of music throughout the day. They will probably do a fair amount of dancing on their own.