8/30/21 POTENTIAL EXPOSURE TO COVID-19 – General Notification

We want you to be aware of our actions:
  • The staffer with COVID-19 is now quarantined.
  • We are communicating directly with specific employees and students, who are believed to have come in direct or close contact with an infected student via Remind 101.
  • We are providing general notification to employees, parents, and students, who have not been in close contact with the infected person(s), using the school’s Facebook page and website.
  • We are following the latest CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting facilities, including the use of ventilating fans and open doors/windows, as feasible, to increase air circulation in the school, in a continued effort to keep all employees and students healthy and safe.
  • We are emphasizing the importance of wearing properly fitted masks that cover both the nose and mouth, and we are maintaining social distancing to the greatest extent possible.
  • We are encouraging all eligible students and staff members to get vaccinated, as further protection from the impact of the virus.
  • We encourage you to continue to incorporate good hygiene and social distancing practices to minimize the risk of infection; as well as, to monitor your health, follow CDC guidelines, and contact your primary care physician if you or your child develop any COVID-19-related symptoms.
  • School Nurses will report our daily Covid+ case numbers directly to Human Resources each afternoon.
For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, we are not sharing the names of the infected person(s). However, the information has been provided to the Port Arthur Health Department; and we will continue to work closely with local and state health officials to investigate all reported or suspected cases of COVID-19 in our school community. We truly appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these challenging times. If questions or concerns arise, please contact the school by phone at 409-984-8750 or email at fredia.reynolds@paisd.org.