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Week of the Young Child Activity Resource

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Highlighting Frontline Workers During WOYC
In addition to highlighting the work of early childhood educators and families of young children during the Week of the Young Child, TXAEYC will also include a "Featured Frontline Worker" category each day to give those in the ECE field the opportunity to recognize all who are providing essential services in our communities as we all respond to the coronavirus pandemic together:

Medical Monday: Our first frontline workers are the doctors and nurses who help keep us healthy and are working hard to make sure those who are sick get better soon.
Tasty Tuesday: Next on the featured frontline worker list are grocery store workers who are making sure our favorite foods are on the shelves to buy and restaurant workers that make yummy food to-go.
Work Together Wednesday: On Wednesday we celebrate all the other community helpers who keep our communities moving: mail carriers, sanitation workers, utility workers, gas station attendants, transportation operators, etc.
Thank-a-Teacher Thursday: Make sure to say "thank you" to your educators who teach, care for, and love our babies through college students and are connecting with families to keep learning happening, whether at home or in the classroom!
First Responder Friday: On Friday our featured frontline workers are the EMS workers, firefighters, and police officers who help respond to emergencies and keep us safe.