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Week of the Young Child

WOTC Theme Days

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It's Almost Time for WOYC 2020
Let's Get Ready to Celebrate Young Children April 11-17
While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, it hasn’t changed the need to celebrate and support young children and the adults who love, care for, and educate them. TXAEYC's Week of the Young Child Committee has several suggested activities for each theme day during Week of the Young Child that you can take part in from the classroom or at home:

Music Monday: Make your own guitars out of shoe boxes and rubber bands and have a concert
Tasty Tuesday: Take photos or videos to share of children's reactions to sour and sweet tastes
Work Together Wednesday: Make "Thank You" cards for community helpers
Artsy Thursday: Tie-dye plain white t-shirts for each member of your class or family
Family Friday: Look through old family photo albums and share stories about family members when they were young

Continue to check our website or NAEYC's WOYC page for more ideas.
Don't forget to tag your photos #WOYC19 and #TXWOYC on social media, or post them to our Facebook page to share!

WOYC 2020 Activity Resource